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Believer’s Tip of the Week

Every week I will email you a tip on how to live a productive Christian life.

The tips are short, to the point, and cover a wide range of subjects.  To sign up for the tip of the week, just click on the link on the right side of this web page.

Find the archives of the Believer’s Tip of the Week below:

What Have You Downloaded?
James Tollett – October 18, 2013
If you are my “friend” on Facebook, you know that I have been having a problem with my computer recently.  Computers are great when they work properly, not so great when problems come up.  read more
When Was the Last Time You Went to the Altar?
James Tollett – October 11, 2013
Are You Experiencing a Spiritual Shutdown?
James Tollett – October 4, 2013
How Far Does Your Shadow Extend?
James Tollett – September 27, 2013
What Do You Do When Enough Does Not Appear To Be Enough?
James Tollett – September 20, 2013
The Power of Remembering
James Tollett – September 13, 2013
Is Syria a Sign that We are in the Last Days?
James Tollett – September 6, 2013
Are You Preparing Yourself to Hear From the Lord?
James Tollett – August 30, 2013
100th Believer’s Tip of the Week
James Tollett – August 23, 2013
Are You Aware of the Power of the Yellow Legal Pad?
James Tollett – August 16, 2013
Thank You for Teaching Me!
James Tollett – August 9, 2013
For Better, For Worse
James Tollett – August 2, 2013
Are you seeking wise counsel?
James Tollett – July 26, 2013
Do you know you are in the presence of the Lord?
James Tollett – July 19, 2013

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